Testing Multiple Mediation Analysis using AMOS (Structural Equation Modelling)

Monday, June 27th – Wednesday, June 29th, 2022. A 3-day online research workshop.

online research workshop

Mediation models are better tested using PROCESS-Macro – an SPSS plugin developed by Andrew Hayes. But, what do you do when your aim is to submit your papers to top-tier journals that mostly require you to test your hypotheses using structural equation modelling? In this workshop, you’ll learn the latest methods for testing multiple mediation models in AMOS (structural equation modelling).

We will focus on analysis of scales adapted from existing validated studies. In all the cases, methods will be illustrated using SPSS and AMOS software.

Topics covered include:

  • Identification of the measurement scales to test the research model
  • Confirmatory Factor Analysis to confirm the measurement scales
  • Calculating the Psychometric Properties (Compositive Reliability and Discriminant Validity, etc.) in AMOS
  • Confirming the Model Fit measures for the scales in AMOS.
  • Confirming the structural fit measures and testing the hypotheses in AMOS.
  • Explaining the results of the hypotheses in word document.

How does it work?

This workshop includes live lectures, hands-on exercise assignments, and plenty of chances to ask questions. Although we recommend joining the workshop live, you can also watch the recorded Zoom sessions whenever it’s convenient for you. Each day will follow this schedule:

  • Morning Session: 11am to 1:30 pm West African Time (Live session).
  • Night Session: 9:30pm to 12:00am (Live session to discuss hands-on exercise assignments from morning session).

Participation requirements:

Participants are expected to install SPSS and AMOS software in their laptops. Register for the workshop to gain access to the Zoom Username and Password. The 3-day online research costs N15,000.

Payment to participate in the Workshop

Registration is now open, please, click HERE to pay and participate in the workshop. Simply click on the payment link, select any method of payment (e.g., USSD, Bank Transfer, Deposit, etc), fill in your details such as email address and phone number to receive the link to participate in the 3 days workshop.

If you have questions regarding the workshop, send an e-mail to nonyeck@gmail.com. If you can’t attend yourself, please forward to a colleague.

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