During the just concluded maiden conference of the College of Management Sciences of the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umuahia, Abia State, Dr. Ugochukwu Chinonso Okolie made a special presentation titled “MECHANICS OF RESEARCH WRITING”. The lecture illustrates the technical and structural aspects of developing well-organized and coherent research articles or reports. Dr. Okolie supported his presentation with examples to demonstrate these principles, helping conference attendees better understand the intricacies of effective research writing.

The key focus of the presentation was to explain to participants, the need to embrace rigour, choose appropriate methodological approaches, adhere strictly to best academic and ethical standards and communicate effectively when conducting their research studies. Dr. Okolie emphasized the importance of not cutting corners and maintaining a high standard of quality in research work to ensure robust and reliable results.

Dr. Okolie explained that selecting the right research methods and approaches is critical because, different research questions may require different methodologies, and participants were encouraged to choose the most suitable methods for their specific research goals. He encouraged participants to maintain the best academic and ethical integrity in research, for example, citing sources properly, avoiding plagiarism, and following ethical guidelines for research involving human subjects or sensitive data. He noted that adhering to these standards is fundamental for the credibility and trustworthiness of their research.

Lastly, Dr. Okolie spoke about effective communication of research findings. He noted that researchers must be able to present their work clearly and comprehensibly to their peers and the wider community. This involves not only writing well-organized research articles but also being able to articulate the research findings verbally or in presentations.

Dr. Okolie’s presentation underscored the significance of rigour, appropriate methodology, adherence to academic and ethical standards, and effective communication in the research process. These principles are foundational for producing high-quality and credible research.

You can download the full PowerPoint presentation below: