Conceptualizing a Theory-driven Research Title

A free Webinar for early career researchers and postgraduate students.

This free webinar titled: conceptualizing a theory-driven research title will hold live on Thursday 16th June 2022. Only registered participants will receive a free zoom link with login details to join the event. Please register free using this link. The seminar will be handled by Dr Ugochukwu Chinonso Okolie. It will be a practice-based interactive webinar. Please note that the live webinar will be recorded, thus, participants who are not comfortable may wish not to participate. All free webinars will be uploaded on Google drive for participants to watch on request. 

Conceptualising a theory-driven research title is important given that editors of top tier journals in management, education and social sciences encourage researchers to anchor their research works on existing theories to learn how such theories may be used to make more meaning to their research findings. If you wish to test hypotheses, it is important to operationalize the variables of your study in the key elements of an existing theory. 

Using this approach can help research avert certain questions such as; what are the contributions of this study to theory? It can also help the researcher to draw out theoretical implications from the findings of their research. During the free webinar, I will be using two prominent theories that have been tested across education, management and social sciences to conceptualize theory-driven research titles, and then explain how you can measure the variables (i.e., test theory-driven hypotheses).

This hands-on research webinar will show you:

· How to identify the variables of your topic based on the key assumptions of your preferred theory

· Learn how you can adapt existing measurement scales for testing the variables of your study

· Learn how you can operationalize the variables of your study within the key tenants of your preferred theory.

· Learn how to minimize confusion that results from improper positioning of your research hypotheses.

· Understand how and why you formulated your research hypotheses.

Note: Please note that the seminar will not be presenting an already designed PowerPoint slides, rather, will share the laptop screen such that researchers will participate as if they are in a typical classroom. 

About the Instructor

Dr UC Okolie is a lecturer in the Department of Vocational & Technical Education, Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu-Alike, Ikwo. He has published over 30 scholarly articles in top tier globally ranked journals using both qualitative and quantitative research approaches. Please click here to read some of his research papers.

How does it work?

This free research webinar will include a live detailed lecture, hands-on exercises and assignments, and plenty of chances to ask questions. One hour out of the three hours of the webinar will be used for entertaining questions and answers.

The schedule is as follows: Thursday 16 June 2022, Time: 9:30 pm – 12: 30 am Nigerian time: Live session via Zoom.  

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