Research Webinars

I regularly organize research webinars in collaboration with some top researchers in the management, education and social sciences fields to discuss and explain some strategies for conducting quality research studies that can be publishable in top tier academic journals. The webinar aims to equip participants with the knowledge and recent trends in management, education and social sciences research. 

The Webinars are virtual, meaning that participants can attend the seminars right from the comfort of their homes via Zoom. The webinars will be free, while the online research training workshops will be a paid event. The free research webinars are usually a 2 to 3 hours seminar held once or twice a month, whereas the paid workshop is a 3-day (4 hours of training and practice). Please apply to get notifications when next our online webinars will hold. Visit this website once a week or send an email to for more details.

Who can participate?

Early career researchers, young higher education lecturers or postgraduate students who are passionate about contributing to knowledge in their own fields of study through research can freely join our webinars.

For upcoming Webinars and workshops, please click on the link.